Safe & Sound: Cannabis Storage Do’s & Don’ts

Whether you enjoy cannabis products regularly or just the odd time, it’s important to keep it fresh and at its best, and also to lock it up and store it safely out of curious kids’ reach. Let’s face it; those plastic sandwich bags just don’t cut it. Here at Ignite, we get a lot of questions around the best way to store, transport and secure your valuable product. Let’s learn how to keep it safe, sound and super fresh:


Most cannabis products can remain fresh far longer than you may think, but only when stored optimally. The potency, flavour and overall quality and taste is reduced when not kept in the right conditions and can even lead to more serious issues like mold if left unchecked.

There are several factors that contribute to the quality reduction of your cannabis, but the good news is that proper storage can help prevent this from happening and prolong the life of both THC and CBD products. Here are the biggest culprits that are known to break down or degrade cannabis:

  • Light – Direct light can break down the terpenes and cannabinoids, so keeping it away from light in opaque containers is always recommended.
  • Moisture – All cannabis products are impacted by moisture levels, especially marijuana buds. You want them dry, but not too dry. Relative humidity (RH) between 59 and 63 is best.
  • Air – Be sure to store your cannabis products in air-tight containers that are the right size for your amount. Too much oxygen can dry it out and diminish the quality, while too little oxygen could cause mold or mildew to set in.
  • Temperature – Cool (not freezing) temperatures are best for cannabis products. The room temperature is fine. Also, never keep it in a vehicle for any length of time on a hot or cold day either as it will deteriorate quickly.
  • Mixed storage – you may be inclined to keep your accessories, bud varieties and edibles/oils/concentrates all in the same container, but doing so will negatively impact the taste, odour and overall quality; it’s best to keep everything stored separately.

Another consideration many people have when it comes to storage is how to minimize or eliminate strong odours. Much of the newer packaging of cannabis products has greatly improved the odour issue, but not completely. Luckily, there are new and effective storage products of all shapes, sizes and prices that keep those aromas at bay.


If you’ve got kids or teens in the home, or even if they only visit on occasion, it’s essential to keep all cannabis products safely stored away and, ideally, locked up. Perhaps you’ve got housemates or curious friends that you just don’t quite trust having access to your stash. Investing in a locked bag or storage box will provide added security and peace of mind, and protect you – as well as those little loved ones. Most secure storage products also do double-duty by helping prolong the life and potency of your cannabis.

What’s next?

It’s never been easier to invest in proper storage for your cannabis to keep it at optimal quality, while also keeping it out of the wrong hands. If you want airtight, odour-controlled, locked, vacuum-sealed and/or humidity-regulated containers, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Our selection ranges from sophisticated, stylish, discreet, hardy and clever…to just plain fun, while being highly functional and effective. Be sure to visit Ignite Barrie on Innisfil Street. Our expert staff is here to help and educate; come in today and let’s elevate your cannabis experience.