Blown Away – Comparing Artisan & Imported Glass

Cannabis use is so much more than ‘consumption’, it’s about experiences, feelings and enjoyment. This also extends to glass products and accessories used for cannabis flower or concentrates such as spoons, bowls, bongs and pipes. We naturally look for functionality, but why settle for basic when you can have great design, enhanced safety and aesthetic appeal? One key consideration when thinking about glass products is to compare those that are hand-blown here in Canada and the US to those that are mass produced overseas such as in China. Let’s review the differences and explore the options at hand:

Why use glass? 

Glass is cleaner and safer when heated. It doesn’t give off toxic fumes when it gets hot, unlike many metal, plastic and even wood products. This means you can more safely smoke your cannabis flower and concentrates while avoiding unwanted vapors, tastes and odours you get with non-glass products. Glass is also easier to keep clean and is uniquely durable and functional.

Quality vs. quantity

Like most things in life, it pays to buy quality.

Mass produced glass products made in China cost less for several reasons. For example, government-subsidized manufacturing plants, low wages and substandard materials are all contributing factors to lower costs. Mass produced products are also more likely to crack or break due to poor design, structure and overall durability.

Alternately, hand-crafted glass blown products made here in Canada and the US are made following the highest industry standards. Borosilicate glass in particular is a preferred material for bongs, pipes and bowls, as its unique chemical properties and thermal resistance make it a clear choice. Buying these products also helps to boost our local economy and the artists who craft them. We also support our environment by not purchasing items that have been shipped overseas.

All about the art

Raptor’s champion Serge Ibaka recently stated that he doesn’t do ‘fashion’, he does ‘art’. The same applies to glass blowing; it’s an intensely artistic profession. It takes dedication, time and talent to be a glass blower these days worth their smoke.

With artisan or ‘heady’ glass, you’ll find exclusive styles, colours, shapes and designs that are highly functional as well as visually stunning. Glass blowers experiment with pigments to craft unique designs and textures, and many artists have a dedicated following and attract high-end collectors. To most cannabis enthusiasts, glass pieces are more than just a smoking apparatus, they are stylish works of art that elevate the cannabis experience.

How to decide

It’s always important to be informed and educated when it comes to cannabis, and this extends to the glassware and accessories we use. While imported glass is typically cheaper, it usually comes as the cost of reduced aesthetics, quality, longevity and safety. Investing in custom, local pieces supports the economy and the individual artists, and looks fantastic!

Whether you’re an exclusive glass collector and cannabis connoisseur or new to the game, be sure to visit Ignite Barrie on Innisfil Street or shop online. We have an impressive selection of hand-made, artistic glass that you’ll be proud to display and safely enjoy for years to come. We feature glass artists such as Korey Cotnam, Beta Creations, Greenbelt Glass, as well as other unique glass producers.

Our expert staff is here to help and educate. Connect today and let’s elevate your cannabis experience.