Storz & Bickel XL Grinder


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    This Orange Acrylic Grinder is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and is the Big Brother to the grinder included with the Volcano Vaporizer (Digital and Classic). Storz & Bickel, the manufacturer of the Volcano, takes pride in having the best acrylic grinder on the market and the only one specifically designed for vaporizers.

    The Volcano X-Large Grinder (Herb Mill) is easy to use. This volcano vaporizer grinder has very sharp teeth that do an excellent job at grinding up your favorite herbs. Has a built in storage area under the clear cover. You can’t go wrong with the grinder that is true to Storz & Bickel’s quality and design.


    • Durable Sharp Acrylic Teeth
    • X-Large Format Provides Greater Capacity
    • Specifically Designed For Vaporization
    • Unit Dimensions: 90mm Diameter

    Weight 2.5 lbs