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PIRANHA 2.2″ 4pc Grinder – Pink


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    PIRANHA 2.2″ 4pc Grinder – Pink

    The 4-piece grinder always serves peak functionality. Featuring a strong magnetic lid, razor sharp teeth, a sifting and storage compartment, a screen at the bottom where kief is caught and stored, plus a pollen pick to collect and top off a bowl (or save for a rainy day).

    Piranha grinders are durable smoking accessories made of high-quality anodized aluminum, so the sharp teeth won’t wear down or break. The strong magnets ensure the grinder stays together if dropped. They are the go-to choice for affordability, functionality, and variety. Just choose your size and colour and get on with your grind.

    Piranha Grinder Features:

    • Size: 2.2″
    • Piranha Jute Carrying Pouch
    • Made from Anodized Aluminum
    • Razor Sharp Teeth
    • Powerful Magnetic Lid
    • Mesh Screen
    • Built in Storage
    Weight 1 lbs


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