MOOSELABS Mouth Peace Mini Starter Kit



The long-awaited, new and improved MouthPeace Mini has finally arrived! This slimmed-down MouthPeace allows you to get the same amazing filtration you’ve come to expect from your MouthPeace, in a smaller, more discrete size. Designed to fit standard pre-rolls on one side and larger blunts and vaporizers on the other, the MouthPeace Mini is the perfect solution for the on the go toker.

To use, simply insert a MouthPeace Mini Filter in the center, choose which side fits best, light up and go!

The MouthPeace Mini Kit comes with 2 MouthPeace Minis, 6 MouthPeace Mini Filters, and a carrying tube.

For use with MouthPeace Mini Filters only.

Weight 2.5 lbs

Rasta Panama Red, Blueberry Blue Dream, Purple Haze Purple Punch, Green OG Purple Haze, Camo Smoke, Earth Green OG, Unicorn Blue Dream, Black Diamond Smoke, Black Diamonds


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