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New To Cannabis? Some Tips & Tricks For Newbies

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, more and more Canadians are experimenting with cannabis. In fact, Canadians spent a total of $43M on cannabis in the first two weeks after legalization!

While experimenting with the ways in which cannabis can enhance your life is great, it’s important to have a general knowledge of cannabis accessories and products, use and techniques before you dive in. Here’s what cannabis newbies should know before their session:

Not all cannabis is the same

Before you begin, it’s really important to have a basic understanding of the different types of cannabis you may encounter and the effects the different compositions and strains may have.

There are two different components found in cannabis: THC and CBD. THC (or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol if you want to get scientific) is the main active compound and the one responsible for that ‘high’ feelings.

CBD oil (or Cannabidiol) is another compound that does not cause that ‘high’ feeling and often counteracts the effects of THC.

Different types of cannabis have different ratios of THC to CBD. The higher the THC ratio, the higher you will feel.

Until you understand how THC/CBD ratios affect and work with your body, it’s a good idea to begin experimenting with a ratio that is moderate.

Everyone reacts differently

Remember that not everyone will react to the same cannabis in the same way. Just as you have a unique personality, genetic makeup, sense of humor etc., your unique endocannabinoid system is also unique and reacts in unique ways.

The best way to ensure a good experience is to always start your session slow and wait for the effects to kick in. It’s also a good idea to ensure you are comfortable and in a place, you feel safe when experimenting with cannabis.

There are different rules in different spaces

Although legalization has finally happened, it doesn’t mean that you can use cannabis everywhere. Different municipalities have different rules about where you can and cannot smoke. For example, the City of Barrie has prohibited smoking in public places owned by the city (including the waterfront trail and Meridian Place).

If you live in a condo or apartment building, you may also want to check your lease agreement to make sure it doesn’t include stipulations that stop you from smoking inside your apartment or condo.

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  1. All really good points Aaron. I think the best way to have a good first experience is to do your research and know your limits. Aside from that it’s really difficult not to have a good time – in my opinion.

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